What’s next for dancer Malgorzata Dzierzon?

It had been a month since I left Rambert when the request for a blog came through – you seem to have an interesting working life, would you like to write about it?

Really – what could have been more interesting than touring with Rambert in my dancer capacity, while completing an online degree, and trying to coordinate the global movements of my ten very active New Movement Collective companions over the past few years?

It seems what Rambert’s Digital Communications Manager, Gill was referring to was our recent NMC research and development project at Winchester Theatre Royal and Battersea Arts Centre. Venues which were a real luxury, as having a dance floor and a shower are considered a rare indulgence for a group of choreographers who are used to creating together at a ferocious pace in a number of site-specific productions.

Following our virtual presence on three large screens at Winchester’s Discovery Centre last year, where we appeared on film in collaboration with artist Graham Gussin and the British Army, we were invited this January to use the full facilities of the Theatre Royal. The opening brief for the project came from a furniture designer Jutta Fredrich and we were intrigued to see how we could turn her design concept into a theatrical experience. Help came in the form of Milan Kundera’s novel, The Joke, and we soon found ourselves creating storyboards, scenes and scenarios where furniture was used for any other purpose than the very primal function they came into existence for.

So, we opened morning classes during the week, with a sharing to the public planned for the Sunday. On the Saturday our first guest arrived together with Bournemouth-based photographer Simon Tomkinson, and our designer Jutta, all the way from Boston. However, the minute Simon got his camera ready the lights on stage went out and the large safety stage door shut with a bang, a sound familiar from thriller dramas. The power was off in the entire street for the next three hours! Unfazed by this minor inconvenience and assured by the staff this was not a trap, we carried on as usual; the opportunities to work together are just way too rare…

The Sunday sharing was a fantastic opportunity to meet Winchester Theatre Royal’s followers and get their feedback on the work in progress. We had a great chat with our dramaturge, theatre director Richard Twyman on our train journey back home – without a single place to sit, and with luggage and Jutta’s massive designer chair, gathered around Richard tightly not to miss a word, we made quite a sight.

We started the following Monday with a tour of Battersea Arts Centre, what a beautiful venue with a track record of inspiring productions! After a quick sharing for the BAC staff we were off to the National Critics’ Circle Awards, where we were nominated in the Best Independent Company category. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and celebrate with so many gifted friends, recognized for their work in all categories. With free-flowing Prosecco, it took some discipline to turn around and make my way back to the BAC studio, but it was well worth it!

For the next few days we improvised, brain-stormed, and tried out ideas for a close-knit collaboration with composer Kate Whitley and a group of very open-minded and talented musicians. Inspired by the music of Claude Vivier we got the musicians to move as if no one was watching, and by the last day we left invigorated by the exchange, full of new ideas to explore and perform.

So, the future seems full of creative opportunities waiting to be explored. I look forward to making the ideas come to life, hopefully in a theatre (though more likely in a warehouse, chapel or abandoned factory) near you!

Malgorzata Dzierzon

Dancers Malgorzata Dzierzon and Jonathan Goddard. Photography Mads Perch, with permission.

Photo: dancers Malgorzata Dzierzon and Jonathan Goddard. Photography Mads Perch.

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New Movement Collective research and development project was supported by Arts Council England.

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