Introducing the Hounslow Seniors

For two hours every Wednesday, the Hounslow Seniors group meets in Chiswick Town Hall to dance. Originally started by Marion Pike from the Hounslow Seniors Trust, the group is now coordinated by Rambert with funding from City Bridge Trust.

Here participants and session leaders share their thoughts on what they enjoy most about taking part…

“It’s a very joyful thing coming together with people you might not otherwise meet. It’s friendly and relaxed and our lovely teachers Laura and Katie are very good at explaining things, they’re very patient with us. Laura just has the knack of saying the right thing so we can understand and interpret what she wants us to do.”  Dianne Preston

“I’m 88 in May, that’s why I want to keep going. The experience is good for me, otherwise I’d be sitting at home doing nothing. I want to get out and meet people. I enjoy the exercise and the dancing.” Mavis Fernandes

“People worry that we won’t be able to move but we do move and it’s quite amazing how much we’ve learnt. Everyone is supportive of each other and it’s really sociable. I remember when we performed with Quicksilver (Rambert’s youth dance company) in 2012. It was fantastic. I would really like to be able to do that more.” Lali Weerasinghe

“It’s such a cohesive group, you can see that everyone pays attention and cares about each other. I know that friendships have developed and people take part in other activities because they’re involved in this group, confidence has risen and the feeling of wellbeing it gives is incredibly important.” Marion Pike (Hounslow Seniors Trust)

“The first dance we performed publically was improvised. We didn’t have enough people for pairs so I ended up being on my own, at the front, closing the performance. Usually, given half the chance, I’d be hiding away at the back. It is a highlight of my life nevermind the class!” Naade Hunte

“Given that the average age in this room is somewhere in the seventies, they really embrace everything we throw at them. I always aim for something higher than maybe they feel they’re capable of. I want the group to feel challenged but also that they can achieve what I’m asking of them. There’s no reason they can’t be doing a lot of the stuff I might teach to a younger group of adults.” Laura Harvey (Rambert Animateur)

“I just love their energy and the way they start and end the session so positively. It’s a really nice environment. Performing at Rambert’s community platform last year was the moment they suddenly realised how far they had come. They went out there and wowed everyone. It was great. The whole group really bonded and thought, you know what, we can do it.” Katie Mason (Assistant animateur and Rambert’s Elders Programme Coordinator)

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