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  1. Hip Hop at Rambert

    Join an upbeat, energetic class which visits the foundations and grooves of Hip Hop for teens.

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  2. Morning Fitness Free Taster Week

    Start the New Year right with a free week of…
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  3. Benoit Swan Pouffer is Rambert's new Artistic Director

    Rambert, the UK’s leading contemporary dance company, has appointed Benoit…
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  4. Five reasons to exercise in the morning

    Rambert's all-new early morning workout schedule offers Yoga, Body Conditioning…
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  5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

    In the run up to the festive season treat yourself…
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  6. Introducing Rambert2

    Writer Anna Winter meets Rambert's new ensemble of the world's…
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  7. Ghost Dances: the first memories

    As we prepare for the final performances of Ghost Dances,…
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  8. Rambert2

    Rambert2 is a new group of the world’s most exhilarating dancers. In the autumn…

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  9. Grey Matter

    Rambert’s Guest Artistic Director, Benoit Swan Pouffer, creates the first new work for Rambert2, with original…

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  10. Killer Pig

    Originally created for Norway’s Carte Blanche in 2009, Rambert2 revives Sharon Eyal’s pulsating, uncompromisingly physical piece. Find your nearest…

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