Name a Year

The Name a Year wall is specially commissioned artwork by renowned sculptor and lettercutter Gary Breeze, permanently installed in the foyer of Rambert’s award-winning building on London’s South Bank.

Years from Rambert’s history, dating back to 1926, can be named for you, friends or family, in someone’s memory, or for an organisation.

A limited number of years remain available for naming, at £5,000* each.

*Gift Aid and VAT information: 100% of this donation will qualify for Gift Aid.

For more information please contact Anna Szkalska:
+44 (0)20 3053 3322

Name a Year wall

'Surviving WWII was the biggest present my mother received; being deprived of the ability to study ballet, one of her lifelong regrets. Madame Rambert provided the latter and changed my mother's life forever.'

Luca Dotti (son of Audrey Hepburn), Name a Year supporter
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