Digital Creatives in Residence

Sprint is a new Rambert initiative bringing together dance and technology through residencies for digital creatives.

The first residency, from October 2015 – Feburary 2016, was with Leila Johnston. The second, from March – July 2016, is with Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský.

Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský

Maria and Andre (2)

Mária and Andrej are creative duo of visual artists exploring the creative potential of technology, based in Prague.

Mária Júdová is a multidisciplinary artist from Slovakia. She is currently doing a Masters at FAMU Center for Audiovisual Studies in Prague, researching on a dance-tech and technologically-informed dance practices, focusing on the use of bio-sensors in the field of contemporary dance. Her works have been presented at Tabačka Kulturfabrik in Košice, festival Hybaj ho! in Prague, Cinedans in Amsterdam, Dutch Electronic Festival in Rotterdam, Das Tanzfest 2015 in Basel, Atonal in Berlin and Accès(s) – festival cultures électroniques in Pau among many others. She has received an award from Screenmotion festival in London and an artist’s residency programme in Theater Roxy in Basel as well as Panjim. Nowadays she is also involved in the Choreographic Coding Lab and actively works in the field of creative technology across the country and internationally.

Andrej Boleslavský is an independent artist purposing technology in the fields of new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing. His work also maintains a strong fascination with the entanglement of nature and technology. He has developed many interactive installations and lectured on open source software, programming platforms VVVV and Arduino. He lately exhibited at Editions of Light Vol.II in Prague, Poolloop festival in Zürich, Signal festival in Prague, Designblok’14 in Prague, 3D print show in New York and WRO festival in Wroclaw. In addition to his work he is actively involved in technological solutions for other Czech and foreign artists, for instance in installation for Expo Milano 2015.

“Dance is one of the earliest forms of artistic expression, and for us who are digital natives, interfacing it with new media and interactive technology is an opportunity to establish continuity, and create an exchange of ideas and mindsets. We want to get inspired by the dancers and choreographers at Rambert as we would like to inspire them. We hope over the course of our residency to create a unique piece that will be a synergy of both practices.” Maria & Andrej

Leila Johnston

Leila Johnston

Leila Johnston is founder of Hack Circus, a quarterly magazine and event series, which tackles different speculative, edgy and creative ideas from across the technology, science and philosophy sectors. Leila has previously received residencies with Site Gallery, Sheffield, and Lighthouse Arts, Brighton.

Leila says: ‘I am interested in exploring expression in the physical world, blurring boundaries between artists and audiences and pushing people out of their comfort zones. I’ve always wanted to work with dancers, and this opportunity to work with creative masters of physicality at the top of their game is a rare treat for me. I find the beauty, boldness and commitment represented by Rambert absolutely inspirational.’

A blog documenting Leila’s residency can be found at

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