Edit Domoszlai

Born: Budapest, Hungary

Trained: Secondary School of Arts, Pécs.

Joined: Rambert in 2014, after five years at Ballet Pécs, Hungary.

Career highlights: Edit danced as a soloist at the Ballet Pécs in works by Cameron McMillan, Leo Mujic, Balazs Vincze and Lorand Zachar. In 2014 she won the Hungarian Dancers Association’s Best Female Dancer award. Edit was awarded a full scholarship for De Dutch Don’t Dance Division and Nederlands Dans Theater summer intensives and has been supported by the National Talent Support Council and the University of Pécs.

Other info: The first piece Edit created for Rambert’s New Choreography platform in 2015 was selected to participate in the International Choreography Competition in Hanover, Germany in 2016. She has a bachelors degree in Andragogy and a master’s degree in Human Resources Counselling from the University of Pécs.

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