Rambert’s animateurs are professional dancers and teachers who deliver our practical education work.

The term “animateur” is used for a role which combines dancing, choreography and teaching. Our animateurs have strong technical background in dance and extensive teaching experience, working with people of all ages and levels of experience.

The animateurs work closely with our artistic teams to structure workshops and training that are directly linked to the company’s current work, and that re-create some of the same creative processes that take place when we’re making new dance works.

Rambert's animateurs

Rob Bell
Abbie Biscoe
Emma Brady
Katie Cambridge
Kathy Codogno
Hayley Earlam
Tory East
Rebecca Evans
Alicia Frost
Deborah Galloway
Natalie Gibbs
Delene Gordon
Sonia Illescas
Hannah Kidd

Laura Harvey
Marie Lawrence
Amanda Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Hannah Lockyer
Katie Mason
Shelley Maxwell
Kelly McClelland
Effie McGuire Ward
Kate Mummery
Beth Payton
Lyndsey Thomas
Stuart Water
Jane Woolley

Abbie Biscoe

Katherine Codogno

Katherine Codogno

Rebecca Evans

Alicia Frost

Deborah Galloway

Delene Gordon

Sonia Illescas

Marie Lawrence

Hannah Lockyer

Kelly MccLelland

Kelly MccLelland

Effie McGuire Ward

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